Mark's latest music release is his original song, Far Away.  Listen to the song on the below player.  Far Away β€‹is available to download wherever digital music is sold.  It can also be streamed on Spotify and SoundCloud.  This is the sixth single that Mark has released in the past three years.  

The music video for Far Away can be viewed HERE. 

Mark's debut album of original music, Far From The End, was released in October 2014. All of Mark's songs are original compositions.  To learn more about Mark's career as a singer-songwriter, head over to his music website,

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Autumn 2018:  Mark recently wrapped filming of the short film "The Family Album", written and directed by Anthony Chapman.  Stay tuned for more news!

This Fall, Mark can be seen in Alisa Robinson's short film, "Grandpa Gene", which she wrote and directed for the Danny Elfman Film Project.

Two short films that Mark worked on had their premiers in 2017.  First up, Mark can be seen playing the character Paolo in writer/director Zak Mir's debut film, "Dangerous Intersection".  See a clip from the film HERE.

Mark can also be seen as the character "Jim" in the short film "Rosemary", written & directed by Prabal Chakraborty, and produced by The Mavo production company. Mark also wrote the title track, "Rosemary", for the soundtrack to the film.  The film costars Mark's "Grandpa Gene" director, Alisa Robinson. β€‹


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Are looking to find out more about Mark's career as a singer/songwriter?  Then head to his music website, for more info!