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New York based actor & singer-songwriter Mark Shock grew up in St. Clair Shores, MI, spending most of his youth dreaming of being an actor, writer and singer.  His love of performing led him to Wayne State University in Detroit where he received a degree in acting.  Mark then spent three years in the Detroit area acting in plays, musicals, films and commercials, as well as performing in a musical revue at Casino Windsor in Ontario.

In 2004, Mark moved from Michigan to New York City to pursue his acting career.  For the next five years he continually auditioned and took as many acting jobs as he was offered.  Then in 2009, Mark was cast in the Barrow Street Theater’s off-Broadway production of the play "Our Town", directed by David Cromer.  It was one of the most fulfilling acting experiences of his career, and gave him the opportunity to work with such well-known actors as Helen Hunt, Michael McKean, Michael Shannon and Jason Butler Harner.  During the run of "Our Town", Mark had the opportunity to not only act in the show, but serve as an assistant stage manager.  He also understudied six characters and went on to play each of them, giving him the distinction of being the actor to play the most amount of characters in the longest-running production of "Our Town" in history.

One of the most surprising things about "Our Town" is that it gave Mark the chance to learn to play guitar.  After his house manager found an old acoustic guitar backstage, Mark and a couple of other cast mates spent the next year and a half teaching themselves to play guitar while they were backstage.  Eventually, Mark began getting ideas for songs, and began writing music.  What emerged over the next four years was a strong storytelling style of songwriting, with themes focusing on individuality, hope and a sense of adventure.  By early 2013, Mark began recording his debut album of all original music, "Far From The End", and released it in October 2014.  Since the release of "Far From the End", Mark has recorded and released six additional singles, as well as writing and performing the title track of the short film, "Rosemary".  Mark's latest original composition is the song "Far Away", released in the sumner of 2018.

Mark currently spends his time between New York City and Michigan, continuing to act in plays & films, as well as recording and performing his music.